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Emergency Inflatable Survival Shelter - Modular (EISS-M)

The EISS-M provides 10+ modules configured for such applications as medical, dental, administration, storage, galley/pantry, day care, berthing, command center, or recreation, for occupants to perform various activities in a secure and controlled space, protected from both water and land-based harsh external elements during catastrophic events, such as typhoons, hurricanes, post-tsunamis, floods, and sea-borne events with no land in sight. Modules can interconnect, allowing movement across/through a "community" of attachments. Inflatable, durable, stackable, portable, reusable, stable, easily repairable, self-righting, etc.

Rigid Inflatable Stretcher (RIS)

Lightweight, portable, durable, easily repairable, compact, rigid-redundancy, stowable, in all climes and conditions, benign or hostile, multi-terrain applicability, hoistable, and reusable while maintaining patient stability, comfort, and limited protection through enhanced ballistic protection properties.

Pending Intellectual Property

We are already working toward a number of additional ideas with two submitted recently, awaiting USPTO. They are in varying stages of development. As the status of the inventions change,  we will list their purpose and the general patent information.


Seaside Communities / Hotels and Resorts / Private Owners / Flood-Prone Regions / Waterfront Businesses / Shipping Industry / Cruise Lines / World Navies / Extreme Sport Enthusiasts / Emergency Services / Off - shore Platforms / Ski Areas / Governments / Port Authorities and Businesses


Shock Mitigation / Buoyant / Durable / Rugged / Floatation Redundance / Collapsible /  Transportable / Storable / Reuseable /Stackable / Self-Righting / Highly-visible / Connectible / Customizable / Recreational

Escape & Survival Pod (ESP) aka "Gator Globe"


Co-OWNERS (IDS / Woosung i.b. cO., lTD)

An inflatable sphere capable of sustaining and protecting its

occupants for short durations deployed for surviving tragic

events including floods, typhoons, earthquakes, tornadoes,

hurricanes, cyclones, avalanches, tsunamis, water spouts,

severe tropical storms, and other like disaster situations. 

This patent retains a recreational and extreme sports component,

as well.

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