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We thank our investors for their faith and confidence in us. We feel privileged to have people who have the courage and vision to see the future as we do.

Thomas Acquinas, the Italian Theologian of the 1200's once said, "To one who has faith, no explanation is necessary. To one without faith, no explanation is possible."


Mark D. Wriggle

Mr. Wriggle is responsible
for the vision and successful
growth of IDS. Over the past
35 years he has held corp.
and governmental leadership
positions in highly-technical
industries with global
influence. He holds an MBA
(with honors) from Norwich
University, has received numerous organizational, national and international performance - based awards, and is a member of several philanthropic and support organizations including Wounded Warriors Project. He holds a Private Instrument Pilot rating and is an aviation buff.

ICON: There are three primary components; (1) The Dark Sphere; (2) The Lucent Bulb; (3) The Two-Tiered Horizon. The dark sphere represents the region of ideas yet to be born out of our earth and humanity. The lucent bulb expresses ideas breaking through and escaping the sphere into infinitude. The two-tiered horizon is composed of blue and ash. The width of the blue (a primary color of our nation meaning perseverance, vigilance, and justice) is approximately 1/7th that of the ashen region signifying our company's home as the United States - part of the North American continent - one of seven continents, which the ash personifies through the use of a neutral color.

MOTTO: We concluded "Bringing Brilliance Into the Light" revealed our positive direction in drawing upon ideas and subsequently liberating them to an open global market.



global, inc.



Conceived in 2008, formalized in 2013 as a WA State C Corp, Innovative Development Solutions (IDS) Global, Inc. is an intellectual property think-tank and clearing-house providing boundless opportunities to empower dreamers, inventors, and entrepreneurs with a conduit to turn brilliant ideas into viable life changing solutions for private, government, and commercial interests on a global scale. We are proud to be a U.S.  veteran-owned small business.

it's easy for

our FRIENDS to

Team with us
Get accurate pricing and terms
Receive timely responses to their communications
Experience respectful and courteous help

Enter a truly "win-win" relationship with us

Help us help people

Have fun with people they like to do business with

Live the Golden Rule
Be a leader
Participate and contribute
Pursue excellence
Work as a team
Share knowledge
Keep it simple (easy for customers and us)
Listen and communicate
Have fun

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John D. Smith

Mr. Smith is responsible for

the company's global in-

fluence. He brings 40 years 

of experience dealing with a

variety of program challenges.

His skill set includes pro-

viding leadership, achieve-

ment and contacts in Beijing,

Osaka, Dublin, London,

Moscow, Edinburg, Monterey, Los Angeles, Seattle, and Philadelphia. He is an entrepreneur who has been in private business for 33 years. He  continues to serve as the Executive Director. He is an honored member of the USAG  WA State Hall of Fame and a highly sought after expert in international competitive gymnastics. He is an ardent northwest sports enthusiast.

The leadership team represents a significant veteran component with more than 35 years combined service across a broad array of specialties, helping communities and cultures. We have extensive practical knowledge in manufacturing, procurement, supply chain, program and project management, business start-ups, development, ownership and acquisition, turn-around management and marketing, facilities, logistics, branding, and distribution. IDS Global maintains sweeping international liaison and diplomacy contacts across all continents. Highly-competitive senior-level management mentors young future leaders for long-term continuity that supports both clients and the company. Essential patent and transactional counsel crystallizes company cohesiveness, improving conditions for the attainment of competitive opportunities.